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Always the better choice for your curing systems project.


Since many years, ARTEK AGIR YÜK RAFLARI (Artek Heavy Duty Storage Systems) – marketing their products under the brand name ELIFRAF – was active in the field of design and production of storage systems for different industries. The customer base was mainly located in Turkey and the number of realised projects show the wide acceptance of ELIFRAF racks.

Based on this technical background, ARTEK started to produce curing racks for the concrete block industry, back in 2003. While Turkey with the prospering building industry was the first target market at that time, ELIFRAF curing racks convinced the customers with their technical advantage and their competitive prices, and the increasing number of projects and requests encouraged the company very soon, to extend their activities to markets outside of Turkey.

The development of ELIFRAF is a real success story, from the first project, shown on the picture above, to become one of the leading producers in the field of curing racks for the worldwide concrete block industry.

Products & Services

While the process of ‘drying’ freshly produced concrete elements was considered for decades only to be the necessary evil on their way to be ready for transportion, nowadays more and more producers consider the curing process and it’s optimization as a chance, to improve the product quality and to reduce the production cost.

Elifraf offers first class curing racks, designed to the customers project, as the core equipment of the curing process. See the product pages of this website to learn more about the innovative details, which make Elifraf racks unique on the market and always the better choice. Learn more about our products….

Excellent equipment is one column of our business, the services in all stages of a project are the second one. Planning, design, assemby and installation, or maintenance are some key words for our services in your curing rack project. Learn more about our services…. 

Think Global – Act Local

This slogan characterizes the principles of our company in a few words.

The root of our company is in Turkey, and here we also started our curing rack activities with the first projects.

To keep the company steadily growing, we have very soon searched and used the opportunity to supply our curing racks to international markets, and in meantime the export sales dominates the domestic sales by far.

The first class quality of our products paired with competitive prices and reliable execution of our projects are the base to sell our curing equipment to all continents and the biggest and most challenging markets in the building materials industry, like United States and Canada, Great Britain, China and even Germany, where the competition is very tough and the demand for product quality very high.

In our projects we cooperate with the world market leaders on the machinery side, as well as with emerging companies in their local markets, and the growing internationalization of our business is one of the columns of the success of Elifraf.

At the same time, we are proud about our roots and the way we guide our company as a family of similar thinking and acting people, which highest goal is to make the customers satisfied, in each detail and at every stage of the projects we process together with them as partners.