Elifraf – always the better choice.


Typical accessories in any curing rack project are the rails for the upper and the lower car of the finger car group. Due to the many projects which Elifraf executes on a regular base, we can offer rails of all profiles at competitive prices. But even if the customer prefers to purchase the materials locally, it makes sense to give the order for the installation of the rails to Elifraf, as they are an essential part of the substructure and alignment of the rack.

Mold or other heavy duty racks

In a concrete block, paver or slab factory more racks are needed than the curing racks. Based on our history, Elifraf can design, deliver and install various types of heavy duty racks for your factory. For example to store the molds, which are too valuable to be placed on the floor. Or storage racks for the intermediate buffering of production pallets. In any case – do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide the solution for you!