Elifraf Products for Curing of Concrete Elements

Curing Racks

Elifraf designs, produces and installs all kind of curing racks for concrete block, pavers and slab factories customized to the needs and options of the customers projects.

You can learn more about the basic Design Principles of Elifraf Curing Racks by following this Link: Design Principles.
Innovative details and production methods make Elifraf Curing Racks unique in the world of concrete elements production. More details you see when following this Link: Curing Rack Details.

Air Circulation

Insulation and air circulation are keywords for a bundle of possible measurements to optimize the climate inside the curing chamber, as an essential condition to achieve best curing result. Elifraf can provide the necessary equipment, as supplier or in cooperation with specialised companies.


We can do a lot more for you to complete your project with success.

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