Elifraf Curing Systems – Always the better Choice.

Innovation in Detail.

Make the difference.

Example 1: Clip-in systems for the support profiles are common usage. But we use two blades instead of one. Advantage: increased connection strength, protection against accidential declamping.

Example 2: The significant V-shape groove in the vertical columns. Advantage: substantially higher static load with the same dimensions of the columns.

Flexible Production.

High quality + low prices.

Elifraf fabricates all parts of the later rack with the individual design, from blank steel. This is cold-formed, cut to the calculated dimensions and executed with holes, seating for support-clips and all other details which are needed for the later assembly. Only after the fabrication the parts are surface-protection by means of hot-dip galvanizing.

The results are technical advantages and at the same time cost benefits, as the offcut is reduced to a minimum.

Hot Dip Galvanized.

EN 1461:
The Elifraf standard.

Elsewhere only against surcharge, from Elifraf as standard execution: Hot-dip galvanizing after the fabrication according to EN 1461 is the best method to protect the rack as a whole against the corrosion, which is the natural consequence of the necessary climate (temperature, humidity) inside a curing chamber.

The usage of pre-galvanised material saves production cost, the cutting edges and punching holes will be predefined rotting spots.

Full Service Installation.

Easy, fast, trouble-free.

Elifraf offers complete assembly and installation service on site, without the ifs and buts which customers can experience with "Supervisory Assemblies" or risks if they execute this critical job by themselves.

A qualified Elifraf installation crew, supported by helpers provided by the customer, erect the curing chamber including all accessories like rails, insulation walls and housing in shortest time and at unbeatable cost, which are normally agreed already while closing the order.