End of 2019 Elifraf completed the first curing chamber project in Central America. The curing chamber is equipped with air circulation system.

Blocasa SA is the largest producer of concrete elements in Guatemala, the country which connects the Pacific Ocean on the west coast and the Gulf of Mexico on its eastern coast. Guatemala counts with almost 17 mio the biggest population of all Central American States. The demand for building materials is high, as the tropical climatic conditions with frequent hurricans require more solid houses.

The new plant is mainly designed for the production of concrete hollow blocks as house building materials. The equipment is supplied by Poyatos/Spain. The pallet size of 1400x1350mm allows the production of 18 standard blocks at a time and the rack has 26 chambers, but only 10 floors which is a perfect layout especially for the production of blocks. The total rack capacity is 5750 pallets (5000 of them usable) so the plant can be operated in two shifts per day.

The highlight of the curing chamber is it’s air circulation system, which guarantees even under tropical conditions equal climatic parameters (temperature, humidity) in all areas of the curing chamber, as the premise of high quality blocks with equal density and strength.

The curing chamber was installed by Elifraf engineers, supported by the plant workers, and the project was completed on time.

The Elifraf scope of delivery was part of a total project, which was developed and processed by Grupo Empresas Espanolas  http://www.grupoee.com/.